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2 Pet-Friendly Fabrics To Consider For Your Family Room

12 December 2017
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From training and feeding to grooming and ensuring they are healthy and happy, it is easy to see the challenges of having a dog or cat in the home. Unfortunately, most people are not prepared for how their pet will affect their home. Not only will your dog or cat have accidents during the potty-training process, but your pet's hair and nails can also wreak havoc on your furniture. Buying new furniture every few years is most likely not possible, so you may choose to save money with new upholstering. Read More …

How To Give New Life To Old Shutters

27 January 2017
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Shutters are like eyelashes for otherwise boring windows. They provide a decorative touch that can add texture and color to your home without needing to paint your entire home. Shutters can fade over time, which if left can give your home a not so great look. You can change your shutters and replace them with new ones, but if you have a lot of shutters on your home, replacing them may be costly. Read More …

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