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How To Give New Life To Old Shutters

27 January 2017
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Shutters are like eyelashes for otherwise boring windows. They provide a decorative touch that can add texture and color to your home without needing to paint your entire home. Shutters can fade over time, which if left can give your home a not so great look. You can change your shutters and replace them with new ones, but if you have a lot of shutters on your home, replacing them may be costly. Read More …

Opening a Restaurant? Two Tips to Help You Choose the Right Interior Decor

4 October 2016
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When you're opening a restaurant, one of the most important considerations you'll need to make concerns how you choose to decorate. No matter how great the food may be, customers will initially judge your establishment based upon the way that it is decorated. If you don't have the right interior setup, some guests may even choose to leave without giving your cuisine a try.  Use this information to learn two tips that can help you choose the right interior decor for your new restaurant. Read More …

How To Install Exterior Shutters

11 January 2016
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Exterior shutters are a great tool to add some decoration to your home design. They are a simple addition that are very easy to install but will certainly make the exterior of your home stand out by giving your home a little more color. Exterior shutters are offered in many forms, but for this article, we'll be talking about installing the kind that is screwed into your home exterior and, therefore, do not open or close. Read More …

Cowhide Rugs: The Surprisingly Eco-Friendly Accessory Option

19 October 2015
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There are many reasons cowhide rugs are a popular choice in high-end home decor. These beautiful rugs are an eye-catching accessory that are distinctive, yet versatile. This type of floor covering blends as easily in a modern, urban loft as it does in a traditional cabin. Every cowhide has a slightly different appearance, a fact that makes them appealing to people who want an interior that is uniquely their own. What may surprise some is how sustainable and eco-friendly this choice happens to be. Read More …

Wood Flooring: 2 Easy Steps To Keep It Looking Beautiful

23 September 2015
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You've had your new hardwood floor installed. Now you want to make sure you keep it in good condition. Since you've never had a wood floor before, you're not quite sure how to do that. Before you get stressed, you should know that caring for your wood floor isn't as difficult as you might think. In fact, with a just a couple steps, your floor can look brand new for many years. Read More …

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