Dos and Don'ts of Putting Together a Framing Cluster

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Dos and Don'ts of Putting Together a Framing Cluster

16 June 2020
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A framing cluster — a selection of framed pictures placed close together on the wall — is a popular decoration choice for many families. Framing clusters allow you to tell the story of your family while working well in your living room or even in a wide hallway. A local custom framer will be an essential ally if you're keen on putting together a framing cluster, as they can frame each of your selected images in a skilled manner. Consider the following dos and don'ts of putting together a framing cluster.

Do: Use Different Shapes And Sizes

A framing cluster has the most visual impact when you have several different shapes and sizes of pictures. If you were to exclusively use photos in one specific size — 8 x 10, for example — you wouldn't get the visual effect that you desire. You'll want vertical and horizontal rectangular pictures, square pictures, and even oval pictures. A wide selection of different shapes and sizes of photos will look best on your wall.

Don't: Use the Same Mats

Your first instinct might be to choose a preferred mat color and style and have your custom framer fit each of your pictures with the same mat. A better choice is to pick a handful of mats to use. You don't need a different type of mat for every single photo, but having a few different looks will add visual interest to your framing cluster. Your framer will likely suggest different mat styles based on the look of each picture and the frames that you're choosing.

Do: Use Different Frames

This is an opportunity to choose many different frames, rather than select one uniform look and have your framer frame each picture in the same type of frame. The latter idea can appear dull, while a variety of frames will add vibrancy to the display. You'll enjoy taking each of your pictures to the framer to get their insights on what will work best. If you have an old family photo, for example, the framer might suggest a frame that looks rustic.

Don't: Skimp On The Pictures

While the content of the pictures, frames, and mats can each help to give a framing cluster the look that you want, don't underestimate the value of having a large selection of images. If you were to just choose five or six pictures, your framing cluster would look sparse. While there's no perfect number to aim for — because there are individual factors such as the size of the pictures and the amount of wall space you have — more pictures are generally better than few.

For more insight, consider contacting a picture framing company.

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