Looking To Make Your Home More Like An English Country Cottage? Tips For You

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Looking To Make Your Home More Like An English Country Cottage? Tips For You

28 December 2019
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When you are thinking about changing up your home decor, you may be interested in going with an English country cottage style. However, you might not know how you can make your home look more like a country cottage. While you may not be able to change the structure or layout of your home, you can change up the decor and items in your home to achieve your decor and design goals. Get to know some of the ways that you can make your home look more like an English country cottage and then, you can get started redecorating your home as soon as possible. 

Get Lots of Antique-Looking Books

One of the things in English country cottages that you can get relatively easily is books. But you do not just want to pick up any old paperbacks; you will want to get antique books. Now, classic books can be expensive, so what you will want to do is look for books that are either inexpensive and truly antique or books that look antique. 

Many used bookstores or even antique shops have older books for relatively cheap. And bookstores that sell new books often carry special editions of classic books that look old-fashioned and fancy for about the cost of a new hardback novel. As such, you can build up a big collection of antique-style books for not too much money. 

Lining your shelves with these types of books immediately gives your home a more cozy and old-fashioned field. And as an added bonus, you will always have plenty to read. 

Look for Patterned Furniture

When it comes to English country cottage decor, patterns reign supreme. The furniture you have in your home should have some type of textile pattern on it. Certain patterns read country cottage more than others, though. 

For example, plaids, stripes, and florals will be your best bets for an English country cottage look. Now, getting these new in stores may be tricky. As such, you will also want to peruse antique home decor shops and used and antique furniture stores. You could also buy a new couch and have it reupholstered in fabric and pattern of your choosing. 

Try Mixing Patterns and Solids

Another option that may be right for you is to opt for a beige or white couch but then to add decor elements and accessories with mixed patterns. For example, you could have a plain throw blanket decorating the back of your couch and then floral accent pillows. Mixing and matching patterns and solids in your home will help give it that cozy, comfortable vibe that you are going for with your English country cottage theme. 

Knowing these ways to make your home more cozy and cottage-like, you can get started with the redecorating process right away.

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