How To Install Exterior Shutters

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How To Install Exterior Shutters

11 January 2016
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Exterior shutters are a great tool to add some decoration to your home design. They are a simple addition that are very easy to install but will certainly make the exterior of your home stand out by giving your home a little more color. Exterior shutters are offered in many forms, but for this article, we'll be talking about installing the kind that is screwed into your home exterior and, therefore, do not open or close. These shutters are strictly for decoration, but they are very affordably priced and add a lot of value.


The first step in installing exterior shutters to your home is to choose the correct product. This means that you'll have to measure your windows. Homes with two floors generally come with two different-sized windows, so you'll need to purchase shutters that fit on both the small windows, usually found on the top floor, and the larger windows, typically found on the bottom floor of your home. 


Once you've got your shutters back home, make sure you've got an electric drill with a small drill bit for making pilot holes, enough screws to adhere the shutters to your home, and a long, reliable ladder that will allow you to reach the top floor. It's also recommended that you wear a tool belt when installing on the top floor so that your tools are easy to reach.

You can start on the bottom floor and hold your shutter in place. There will be pre-drilled holes in the shutters for your screws. Use a pencil to make a mark through the holes on your home exterior. This way you can remove the shutters and drill small pilot holes into your home exterior to help guide the nails. Drill all the necessary pilot holes and then hold the shutters back up. Use long nails to make sure that you are securely fastening the shutters to your home and cover the nails with the plugs, which should be included. 

Once you've finished with the bottom level of your home, set up your ladder and make sure that it is securely set. If possible, it is recommended to have a partner hold the ladder while you climb it. Wear your tool belt for this step in the installation process as you'll need to go through the same process you went through on the bottom level. 

Drill some pilot holes in the necessary spaces and then adhere your shutters to your home exterior using long, sturdy nails. 

Once all of your shutters are installed, your renovation job is complete and you'll quickly notice the difference that this small addition plays on your home exterior. 

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