Cowhide Rugs: The Surprisingly Eco-Friendly Accessory Option

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Cowhide Rugs: The Surprisingly Eco-Friendly Accessory Option

19 October 2015
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There are many reasons cowhide rugs are a popular choice in high-end home decor. These beautiful rugs are an eye-catching accessory that are distinctive, yet versatile. This type of floor covering blends as easily in a modern, urban loft as it does in a traditional cabin. Every cowhide has a slightly different appearance, a fact that makes them appealing to people who want an interior that is uniquely their own. What may surprise some is how sustainable and eco-friendly this choice happens to be.

A Readily Available Material

There is, of course, some controversy when it comes to the use of genuine animal hides for any purpose. The reality is that cowhides are obtained from animals that are used in the beef industry. Since the latest industry statistics show that over 25 billion pounds of beef are consumed in the United States each year, it is unlikely the world will be going vegan any time soon. There is some reassurance that at least the animals that are being sacrificed are not being wasted, but made use of as completely as possible. 

Chemical-free Processing

There are rugs in the cowhide market that are not chemical-free. Some companies process their hides with chemicals to preserve the rugs, and others dye the rugs to make them more appealing to a wider range of consumers. However, there are many options available that use only natural tanning methods with no chemicals or dyes. These rugs are a perfect choice for homeowners who are concerned with the fumes carpeting can emit. Natural cowhide is also a non-allergenic product that are usually safe in homes with allergy-sensitive occupants.

Cowhide can be Recycled

Cowhide rugs are known for their durability, but should one become worn or damaged in some way, it is not a total loss. The material that is still viable can easily be trimmed and used by artists to create numerous products like handbags, seat covers or any other item they want. Any of the hide that is too damaged for reuse can go to a recycling company to be processed for use in numerous products. 

Requires Green Cleaning

Chemical cleaners can damage natural cowhide rugs, so only green cleaning methods should be used. Most stains can be spot-cleaned with a little warm water and gentle detergent. To deodorize, the rug can be sprinkled with baking soda, allowed to sit for several minutes and then shaken or vacuumed to remove the baking soda.

Cowhide rugs are like every other type of home decor. Some people find them irresistible, while others cannot imagine having them in their home. Any homeowner who is searching for ways to stylishly decorate their home in an earth-friendly manner should at least consider this option. The rugs are unique, beautiful and available in an amazing array of sizes, colors and designs.

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