Unique Countertop Matierals You Can Try

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Unique Countertop Matierals You Can Try

15 September 2015
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There are the classic countertop styles, such as marble, ceramic, and even tile, and then there are more unique materials designed to give your home personality. Whether you want to try a new material for your countertops out of trendiness or intrigue, there are many awesome styles that you can copy to make your countertop design your own. Here are just some of the few unique materials you can try for your own home.


Pennies, nickels, dimes, or even foreign coins make for unique countertops. All you need are a lot of coins to layer on top of a sealed wood surface and an ample layer of sealant to create a smooth countertop once your coins are placed. You can layer all pennies along your countertop or alternate between different types of currency to create a truly one-of-a-kind countertop you'll love.


Bamboo is a relatively cheap wood that is gaining popularity in hardwood installations and can look amazing designed into kitchen or bathroom countertops as well. This dark, honeyed style of natural wood can make any modern kitchen or bathroom appear more open and welcoming. If you are considering wood in your countertops but you want a darker, more defined design, barn wood may provide the silvered, darker tone you are looking for.

Pebbled resin

Pebbled resin gives off the appearance of natural stone without the cost and offers trendy colors such as purple, pink, and metallic hues. Resin sticks natural river rock in matching tones together in a clear, smooth coating. This is a unique countertop material that still follows a more traditional granite or natural stone style.


You may have seen glass-covered granite or stone countertops, but countertops made of solid glass are appealing all on their own. You can install glass countertops in tinted hues, such as orange, gold, or blue, or stick to solid transparent glass for your surfaces. You can even have metallic flecks installed into your glass to give it a contemporary finish. Glass countertops work best in rooms that have a lot of natural sunlight to let the material really stand out.

If you are thinking of redoing your countertops, you may want to think outside the box with your design. Whether you want to go quirky with pennies or totally contemporary with solid glass, there are many ways you can make your countertops really unique. Speak to a professional to see what other trendy countertop designs you can consider. Contact a company like Plastic Line Mfg Inc to get started.

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